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Vincennes Community School Corporation
Vincennes Community School Corp.
1712 South Quail Run Road 
Vincennes, IN 47591 


School Closed

Summer Vacation

School will resume August 3, 2017


Corporation Goals:

  Student Oriented Goal:

  • Attract and maintain faculty, staff, and administrators who are qualified, high performing, diverse, and committed to upholding the vision of the Vincennes Community School Corporation

  District/Community Oriented Goal:

  • Develop and implement a plan to ensure student academic success that ultimately leads to graduation

  Learning Environment:

  • We will further provide all students a safe and well maintained school environment


  • The corporation will develop a plan that promotes fiscal stability

  Public Relations:

  • The corporation will develop and implement a plan to promote the Vincennes Community School Corporation

Message from Mr. Parsley

The VCSC closes yet another chapter in what is a multi-volume book and more so part of a terrific setting for the best of all stories.  I state this because so much has been accomplished in the VCSC both in the past and the present, but the plot allows for so much more to come in the future.

As a part of the story, we say goodbye to the Class of 2017 and we also thank them for their many different gifts and talents.  We will also welcome for the start of the new school year what will become the Class of 2030.  A great new group will come on the tails of what has been a terrific outgoing group.

Within the students comes the best of the best and this being our programming.  We have so much to be proud of from our Pre-K and KG through our Seniors in the way of the programming that can be offered.  Simply highlighting the latter, our high school is the only high school in the county that has as many offerings that are as diversified as you will find or could also ever expect.  From our programming within the career and technical front to our partnership with Vincennes University that allows the Early College path and so much in-between, we truly can turn out and produce the most well rounded student.

Speaking Early College, LHS will be offering to our students for the third year the opportunity to complete their Associate's Degree while also attaining their high school diploma. And all this while being just that of a high school student.  This model has saved our students and parents hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We also have so many other programs worth noting at our high school.  That includes our performing arts, athletics, and what is brand new to us and this being the opportunity for students to receive special certification as being proficient within the multilingual discipline of foreign language. 

So much more needs to be stated with programming and with this highlighting the other buildings, but I will save this for another date.

And it is with this that one of the things that we have had discussions about is that the VCSC has so much to tell and share out, but we have not always done the best job of showcasing this.  This is something that you can expect far more of as the VCSC begins to do some rebranding and more so as we attempt to share out more about the comprehensive VCSC story.  This will include promoting what is also the best of our best and this being our staff and students. 

Patrons and others can expect to see more podcasts, videos, and promotional items as it truly is about putting the best in front of others.  We must do a better job in this realm and the way that we do this is by putting these people front and center as it is the people (staff and students) that allow for us to offer the highest of all quality when it comes to programming.

Programming will also continue throughout the summer with a variety of programs.  From the SPARK Camp, to regular summer school, and the summer meal program will all be offered along with many other items related to the Fine Arts and athletics.  Enjoy your summer and stay tuned for the next chapter in what is an exciting time within the VCSC.

Enjoy the end of the school year and as always, Go Alices!

Mr. Greg Parsley


Vincennes Community School Corporation

Core Values/Beliefs

  • We believe that:
  • The quality of education is directly related to positive partnership between the school corporation and all stakeholders
  • Every student must be assured a safe and secure environment
  • We must provide a consistent, rigorous, standards-based curriculum that incorporates technology
  • Every student deserves a quality education, provided by highly qualified personnel in a positive environment that enables them to reach their fullest potential

  Our Learning Environment Provides:

  • An evolving and innovative curriculum that meets the diverse needs of all students, and equips them to be positive and contributing members of society
  • A highly qualified, dedicated, and caring staff recognized as the best
  • Homes, classrooms, and schools working together in harmony to support a safe and nurturing educational experience
  • Modern technology and training that maximizes learning for all
  • Pro-active and effective communication between staff, students, and their guardians that ensures student success
  • The optimal staffing and facilities to meet the needs of all students

  Our District and Community:

  • Work as a team providing resources necessary to achieve a quality education
  • Recognize the corporation as the heart of learning, caring, and support for all stakeholders
  • Acknowledge education as a privilege that proudly accepts responsibility for the learning process
VCSC Summer Food Service Program




The Vincennes Community School Corporation is proud to announce plans to                                   

participate in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). Free meals will be made available beginning Monday June 5th to ALL children 18 years of age and under and to persons over 18 years who are enrolled in a state-approved educational program for the mentally or physically disabled. Free meals will be provided to all children without charge and are the same for all children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. There will be no discrimination in the course of the meal service. Adult meals are available for a charge of $2.00.





Lincoln High School

1545 Hart St. Rd Vincennes In 47591

June 5th –June 30th





Clark Middle School

1926 Richard Bauer Dr. Vincennes In 47591

June 5th-July 28th

Closed July 4th



Lunch 11a-12p

Salvation Army

2300 N. 2nd Vincennes In 47591

June 5th-July 21st

Closed July 4th

Lunch 11a-12p

Jamestown Apartments

360 Felt King Rd. Vincennes In 47591

June 5th-July 21st

Lunch 12-1p

Closed July 4th



421 N. Sixth St. Vincennes In 47591

June 5th-July 21st

M W Th F

Lunch 12-1p

Closed July 4th

Knox Co Public Library

502 N. 7th Vincennes In 47591

June 5th-July 21st


Lunch 12-1p

Closed July 4th

Washington Christian Center

2134 Washington Ave. Vincennes In 47591

June 5th-July 21st


Closed July 4th

Riley Elementary School

1008 Upper 11th Vincennes In 47591

May 30th-July 28th

Lunch 11a -12p

Closed July 4th

Vigo Elementary School

1513 Main St. Vincennes In 47591

June 5th-July 21st

Lunch 11a -12p

Closed July 4th

Join us for the kickoff event at the Knox County Public Library on Wednesday June 7th

11am-1 pm with special programing provided by Purdue extension service. Help us celebrate this year’s theme of “Building a Better World” 

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