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Vincennes Community School Corporation
Vincennes Community School Corp.
1712 South Quail Run Road 
Vincennes, IN 47591 

Schools are in Session

Corporation Goals:

  Student Oriented Goal:

  • Attract and maintain faculty, staff, and administrators who are qualified, high performing, diverse, and committed to upholding the vision of the Vincennes Community School Corporation

  District/Community Oriented Goal:

  • Develop and implement a plan to ensure student academic success that ultimately leads to graduation

  Learning Environment:

  • We will further provide all students a safe and well maintained school environment


  • The corporation will develop a plan that promotes fiscal stability

  Public Relations:

  • The corporation will develop and implement a plan to promote the Vincennes Community School Corporation

Message from Mr. Parsley

It is hard to believe, but we are beginning to approach the half-way point in the 2016-17 school year.  With this in mind, I am thankful for many of the things that we have in the VCSC and this includes our staff and students.  I was reminded as I was sitting in a PD (professional development) meeting being led by one of our principals and he was focused upon the message that it is people, not programs.  There is so much to be said for this in many different realms. 

If it were not for the people, we would not have the outstanding programs that we have to offer to our students.  Allowing for this to be more specific, I look at our band students.  The Pride of the Green is one of our strongest programs in the VCSC.  But this would not be possible if it were not for the likes of Mr. Marsh and Mr. Coffer.  These two individuals give so much reasoning for students to want to be involved in the band.  I am not going to name others and the programs that they oversee, but we have so many programs that are strong and it is because of the people that lead these different programs.

The same can be said for the actual classroom and with this our teachers are making differences each and every day as they form relationships with our students.  We have so many teachers who go above and beyond.  This may be as simple as showing up at a sporting event in which one of their students is involved with or going to the musical, Annie, because they know the entire cast and crew and want to see the students in the limelight. 

And with this stated, it is not just our teachers.  From the bus driver or aide that brings in school supplies for students, to the cafeteria worker who might put a little extra on a plate of a young person, we have so many different staff members who are going above and beyond when it comes to forming the relationships with our young people.

With this being said, it gives me great pause to be reminded that we have so much to be thankful for within the VCSC, but it is the people that make up or comprise the VCSC that makes us special and quite frankly sets us apart from so many other places.

So, as we near that half way point, I simply leave the “Welcome” to the VCSC’s website as one in which I express my thanks to the many different people of the VCSC.  From our paid staff to our many volunteers to our contracted workers I would ask that you do the same as you witness the many different good and great things that occur throughout the VCSC.

Thank you for reading the welcome, and I am always reminded that as I sign off that it is, Go Alice’s, Go Big Green!

Mr. Greg Parsley
Vincennes Community School Corporation

Core Values/Beliefs

  • We believe that:
  • The quality of education is directly related to positive partnership between the school corporation and all stakeholders
  • Every student must be assured a safe and secure environment
  • We must provide a consistent, rigorous, standards-based curriculum that incorporates technology
  • Every student deserves a quality education, provided by highly qualified personnel in a positive environment that enables them to reach their fullest potential

  Our Learning Environment Provides:

  • An evolving and innovative curriculum that meets the diverse needs of all students, and equips them to be positive and contributing members of society
  • A highly qualified, dedicated, and caring staff recognized as the best
  • Homes, classrooms, and schools working together in harmony to support a safe and nurturing educational experience
  • Modern technology and training that maximizes learning for all
  • Pro-active and effective communication between staff, students, and their guardians that ensures student success
  • The optimal staffing and facilities to meet the needs of all students

  Our District and Community:

  • Work as a team providing resources necessary to achieve a quality education
  • Recognize the corporation as the heart of learning, caring, and support for all stakeholders
  • Acknowledge education as a privilege that proudly accepts responsibility for the learning process
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